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Fast, friendly service and attention to detail is what you'll experience when you make Brand Express your Partner in Transportation.  If it's help with your outbound or inbound traffic with competitive pricing or a 3PL that actually cares about your trucking needs Brand Express is the answer you're looking for.


Shipping Partners

Brand Express Specializes in Truckload and larger LTL service in the USA and Canada.  With an extensive Carrier Partner base and over 70 years experience in the industry and competitive rates it is with confidence when we say we can handle whatever your transportation needs may be.

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Trucking Partners

Whether you are looking for that back haul home or that extra load to get your truck out on the road, Brand Express has the resources to help you.  24 hour dispatch and our Quick-Pay option gives you the service and piece of mind you're looking for.  Contact us today to see how we can help your truck line.


Our Promise...

Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  We will always put your needs first and take the stress out of the stressful business of transportation.  One call puts you in touch with the person that will handle your shipment from start to finish.  You wont be passed from one person to the other to get the answers and information you need.  At Brand Express, we believe our success is measured not by dollars and cents but by our partners satisfaction.


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